My name is Chandra Ganguly. I live in Berkeley California with my family. In the year 2012, I went to India with my family for a vacation. A chance trip to a boutique called Shilpi in Chennai to buy some Indian sarees for myself brought me in contact with the store’s owners, Simrat and Nalini. As I walked through the store choosing what I liked, they would pause and give me the stories of the fabrics. It was then that I realized that every single piece in the store was hand crafted and woven in a village in India, from the South, North, East, West- every piece, every stitch was done by hand by craftsmen who had been doing this as part of their cultural and professional heritage for several centuries in some cases. These weavers and craftsmen are struggling today to keep their trade alive as cheaper fabrics made in factories in countries such as India, China and Bangladesh flood the markets around the world. Through pages of this site and in the workshops and exhibitions I am working to set up, I hope you will see what I see- the beauty, grace and workmanship of a people and trade that cannot survive without our support.


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